Sunday Recap, 11-13-22: Strategy

"Make yourself someone that handles hard well..."
—Kara Lawson


This is strategy week. Strategy is basically having a plan to reach your goals. We deal with all kinds of goal/strategy relationships in golf. But if we set standards for ourselves and stick to our core strategies and plans, we should be able to continue moving towards our objective: Be our best.

The Sixtyone Academy code sets our standards. Watch the video and listen to what Duke basketball coach, Kara Lawson, has to say about how hard it is to be our best. This is why we separate the purpose from the goal. Reaching a big goal is hard. That’s is why we do the difficult things when they are easy and the great big things when they are small. That’s how we can have fun learning to handle hard better.

Big questions: 

Ask yourself the following questions. Write what you think in your HQ journal and share what you think with other Sixtyone members at the golf course. 

  1. What do you think about what Coach Kara Lawson says about work?
  2. How well do you think you handle hard things?
  3. Do you think it is better to quit when things get hard or should we roll up our sleeves and get to work?

Related challenge:

What is your strategy?

Golf words and phrases: 

Use this guide and find one new golf word you can use on or around the putting green. Share the new word with a coach and see if they know it.

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