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  1. First, pick your username. You can make it whatever you want. It has to be at least six characters long but can’t be more than 12 characters.
  2. No spaces. Usernames must use only letters, numbers, dashes (-), periods (.), and underscores (_).
  3. Be creative. Try to create a username that says something about you.
  4. Enter your full email address (Example: You can use your school email or your personal email account.
  5. Enter your email a second time to make sure it is correct.
  6. Create a password. It can be anything you want. Make sure to write it down so you can remember it.
  7. Enter your password a second time to make sure it is correct.
  8. Now enter your first and last name, then hit the register button.
  9. That’s it. You should be registered. Let us know if you have problems.