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Change. Think. Golf.

Bill Spiller, AP Photo/Ed Widdis

Why Sixtyone?

Golf is often misunderstood. Our first ask is that you look at the game from a new perspective.

In 1961, because of the efforts of men like Bill Spiller, golf was opened to everyone (at least in theory). But over 50 years later, there are a number of reasons why many still feel that golf is not a game for them.

Now, Sixtyone represents efforts to change those beliefs. We work to debunk myths, demystify golf, and translate the game into a language that is easy to understand.


You don't have to look like a golfer to be a golfer.

Style by definition means “a distinctive manner of doing something.” Sixtyone plays golf with our own style.

Our style is not irreverent. We respect the rules and support the culture and traditions of golf. However, we are not bound by preexisting stereotypes.

We are free to redefine who plays golf, why they play, and where, when and how they play.

We encourage you to do the same.

Our country club is not a physical location; it is a way of thinking.


The inner core. The nature of being a Sixtyone golfer.

Sixtyone Country Club members are individuals, groups and organizations that (a) recognize the benefits of playing golf, and (b) embrace the opportunity to connect more young people to the game.

Sixtyone members, whether they play golf or not, share their time, treasure and expertise to support our efforts to change perceptions and eliminate barriers.

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