Academy Parents

How to Raise a Young Golfer

Responsibility equals privileges

Would you like for your child to become a golfer? This is what you should do first.

Your child will use the Pursuit HQ for everything. Help them visit the HQ and register by picking a username and a password.

Schedule a virtual chat with a member of the Sixtyone welcoming committee. We’ll fill you in on equipment, scheduling, and how the Academy’s responsibility equals privileges approach can help your child succeed.

The Sixtyone Academy guides students from newbies to complete and independent young golfers.

Academy Sessions
Academy Sessions


Academy students join the Golf Squad on virtual chat sessions, on campus, and at the golf course.

Session Themes
Session Themes


Sessions have four main themes: Self-awareness & Self-improvement, Strategy & Managing Obstacles, Culture & Etiquette, and Enjoyment & Fitness. Each week we focus on a different one.

Getting Buckets
Getting Buckets


Students earn buckets by attending sessions, and completing above-the-neck (ATN) and skills challenges.

Earning Stuff
Earning Stuff


Responsibility equals privileges. Students earn buckets by doing the work. Buckets earn them rewards and prizes. The more responsible they are, the more privileges and stuff they get.

Here's a short list of things you should know and simple work you can do to help your young golfer.

  1. Register them on the dashboard.
  2. Set up a virtual chat to answer all of your questions about the Academy.
  3. Help your child create their own golf-space at home.
  4. Check out the responsibilities and privileges page. It’s the basic guide for everything your child needs to do.
  5. Review our Golf Academy Code with your child. This is their first step to becoming a golfer. The sooner they take it, the better.
  6. Download the Google Chat app. That’s how Golf Squad members communicate and stay connected. If you don’t have a Google account, you should think about getting one. They’re free. 
  7. Join our monthly Golf Talks chat sessions. We get together with parents and others on the second Wednesday of every month to talk golf. It’s a great way to stay informed about the program, meet other parents, and share ideas. Check the calendar for the next session.
  8. Get engaged. Parents can learn to play golf too. Play golf in the yard. Play golf at the park. Play golf with your child at the golf course. Just play golf with them.
  9. Here are a couple of videos to watch. Here’s one about golf basics. Here’s another one with a bit more detail. You don’t need to know it all. You don’t really need to know any of it. But, if you just start asking golf questions and using golf language, it will help.

Frequent Questions

What is the Sixtyone Golf Academy?

The Academy is a golf introduction, development, and integration
program designed to help eliminate misconceptions and barriers in order to connect more young people to the positive aspects of playing golf.

Can my child participate?

In a word, yes. The Academy is open to all students. Participation, generally, starts at 10 years old, but there are exceptions. Additionally, high school students and recent graduates can participate through our Instructors, Caddies, Tutors, and Monitors (“ICTM”) program.

What is the Golf Scholarship?

Currently, all San Bernardino City Unified School District middle school students and 4th through 6th grade elementary students are eligible for program golf scholarships. Younger SBCUSD students, students outside of the SBCUSD, and ICTM members may also be eligible. Please contact us if you have questions about eligibility.

Do we have to buy golf clubs?

No. Golf clubs are provided thanks to support from the SBCUSD, and generous donations from others members of the community. We use a golf club exchange system that makes sure everyone has what they need. Students without clubs get clubs. Students that outgrow clubs can exchange their clubs. And, when students stop using their clubs, they return them so others can use them.

When does it start, when do you meet and How do we sign-up?

Program introductory sessions start at various times during the school year. Sessions meet several times each week. To get started, use the form above to get started.

What is The Game?

The Pursuit Game is a series of challenges. Some challenge the students above-the-neck, and some challenge their golf skills. Students that do the work and complete the challenges earn buckets. Buckets demonstrate commitment, discipline, and responsibility. Responsibility equals prizes and privileges.

That is the game.

My child is in high school. How can they get involved?

The Sixtyone ICTM program is the perfect opportunity for high school students to participate. Contact Sixtyone to find out how.