Instructors, Caddies, Tutors & Monitors

Sixtyone Country Club members, whether they play golf or not, share the same point-of-view. We all believe that connecting a young person to the game of golf is a good thing.

All Sixtyone members share their time, treasure, and expertise to help change the way people think about golf. Members of the ICTM network take things a step further. They get out in grass, swing the clubs and help Sixtyone Academy students learn how to become golfers.

Opportunity + Privileges

Golf is fun.

The purpose of playing golf is to have fun. Many golfers forget that. The ICTM network gives you a chance to help others find their fun at the course.

Personal growth

While we teach, we learn. The best way to improve your understanding of golf is to help someone else learn to play.

Community service:

Want to do something to help your community? Why not do it at the golf course? Students you can earn community service credit at the golf course, too.

Develop leadership skills:

Discipline, responsibility, following direction, situational awareness, conflict resolution, and a desire to learn are all qualities of good golfers, and effective leaders.

Golf resources

Sixtyone is a network. ICTM members have complete access to full extent of our country club members and the resources they offer.

Earn some cash:

That’s right. Qualified ICTM members can get paid for helping Sixtyone change the way people think about golf. You can too.

SBCUSD: Starting in the 2022-23 school year all high school students in the San Bernardino City Unified School District will be eligible to join the Sixtyone ICTM network and enjoy all the benefits and privileges of the program.

Next steps

Are you interested in learning more about how Sixtyone plans to change golf? There are several ways for you to get started. Here are a few: