Sam Ryder with an absolutely electric ace on the famed par-3 16th at the WM Phoenix Open. It was the first hole-in-one on the 16th since 2015 and Ryder’s first ace on the PGA Tour. On average, golfers hit their 54-degree wedge 92 yards, but Ryder connected for 124 yards before it spun left and dropped into the cup. What made it even more special was Ryder’s parents being present and inside the ropes with him, walking through the tunnel and watching him from inside the cauldron of 16 as the ball went in. #ChangeGolf #ChangeThinkGolf #sixtyonegolf #WMPhoenixOpen
Sixtyone hanging out with Ninoska, Laura, Jackie, and Alyssa, women working to change things in golf. Thank you, ladies, for what you do for the kids! This week was special.
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Hanging out at the @lpga_la. @marley.franklin doing her thing. Thanks, Renata, Jackie, Megan and Laura for showing Marley behind the scenes.

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One day soon, MPCC. One day soon!
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The Blueprint

Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.

— Arthur Ashe

Golf is different. It is a game of honor and integrity. When a golfer breaks a rule, they are expected to penalize themselves. Golfers don’t need umpires or referees.

Being a golfer is more than learning how to hit a golf ball. It is a contest, a series of challenges, between you and your most difficult opponent: yourself. When a child learns to play golf correctly, they, almost without realizing, develop valuable skills that they will use throughout their lives on and off the golf course.

The Sixtyone Golf Academy is a golf introduction, development, and integration program. It is designed to help remove barriers to playing golf, the real ones and the ones we perceive.

Sixtyone reaches out from the golf course and connects young people with the positive aspects of golf. The traditions and culture of the game do the rest.

32nd Street/USC magnet

Los Angeles, CA.

61st Street Elementary

Los Angeles, CA

How it works

The Pursuit to Becoming Complete and Independent

The Sixtyone Golf Academy has three phases. Each phase helps guide students on their journey as young golfers. The pursuit takes them from hacking at golf balls in their backyards and school playgrounds to becoming complete and independent young golfers.



Students begin online and on school campus. They learn why golf is different than other sports, and that hitting a golf ball is fun.


Welcome to Golf | Rules, Etiquette & Proper Behavior | Golf Quirks, Traditions & Culture | Your Golf Heritage.



Students who accept the challenge and their responsibilities move to the golf course and begin the transition into young golfers.


Practice Area (Self-awarenes & Self-improvement) Keeping Score (Strategy & Managing Obstacles)  | Course Management (Etiquette & Culture) | Fun (Enjoyment & Mental Fitness).

Shandin Hills GC

San Bernardino, CA



Students who successfully complete an Academy program become members of the Sixtyone Country Club and connected with a support network willing to share time, treasure and expertise to help them integrate as far into golf culture as they desire.