The SBCUSD golf program is a golf introduction, development and integration program that works to connect San Bernardino students with the positive aspects of being a golfer. The program is a partnership between the SBCUSD, Extended Learning/CAPS, Sixtyone Golf, Shandin Hills Golf Club and many others individuals and organizations working to help students develop from newbies into complete and independent young golfers.

Don’t forget to join us tonight for our monthly, Golf Talks. We meet the second Wednesday of each month, online, at 6:30p.

We discuss upcoming Academy events, engage with our guest speakers and talk about golf, obviously.  Golf Talks always have something to do with our efforts to change the way people think about golf. 
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How it works

SIGN UP: The first step is to get enrolled into the program. Students can sign up during CAPS. Parents can use the enrollment form to contact us.

MEET UP: There are multiple golf sessions each week. Some happen on school campus. Some happen at Shandin Hills Golf Course. Once enrolled students and parents will have access to the complete schedule.

BUILD UP: Responsibility equals privileges. Sixtyone Golf Academy students build up buckets (points) and golf knowledge by doing work. Everything is work. Practicing, learning, helping others are the currency students earn to get stuff: golf clubs, gear, road trips, etc. The more work they do, they more stuff they can earn.