San Bernardino Community Golf Project

Giving the courage to try golf and the confidence to work to be good at it.

Communityy Golf Project

San Bernardino, CA.

It Takes a Village

The San Bernardino Community Golf Project understands a few things:

01. We can crowdsource golf development.

All of us can do something. Small efforts when added together create big results.

02. Every child can be a golfer.

Being a complete and independent young golfer is hard. If a child is willing to do the work, they deserve support and should be given a chance.

03. Responsibility equals privileges.

Golf is a game of honor. Students who accept the challenges and their personal responsibility to become golfers are rewarded.

04. Construction over instruction.

The more time a child spends playing golf the better. The positive aspects of golf—the character education, social emotional development, soft skills, networking, all of it—are absorbed not memorized while learning to hit the ball, deal with success and failure, and, more important, how to do the right thing whether anyone is watching you or not.