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Responsibility equals privileges

Everything about the Sixtyone Golf Academy can be summed up in a simple sentence: Responsibility equals privileges.

The more responsible the students are, the more privileges (stuff) they get.


White hat golfers "Newbies"

Level: Effort | Golf introduction | Doing the work

Responsibilities and standards

Demonstrate awareness of Academy Golf Saftey Rules 1 & 2.

Participate in Academy sessions.

Begin logging the work on the HQ page.

Help maintain practice facilities, and equipment.

Start learning the Academy Code.

Supervise all newbie golfers.


Access to practice facilities and golf course during official Academy sessions supervised by Sixtyone staff. 

Golf equipment.

Sixtyone gear and other stuff.

An opportunity, to learn the greatest game ever invented, and accept the personal challenge of being a golfer. 


Khaki hat golfers "Players"

Level: Comprehension | Golf development | Decent, good or great

Responsibilities and standards

Everything included above.

Demonstrate general golf knowledge. Know how to play.

Demonstrate awareness of Academy weekly focuses.

Log Sixtyone Work Buckets on HQ page.

Know the Code, Live the Code, and act as positive Sixtyone ambassadors.

Understand how we practice, how golf is taught and supervise What Hat golfers.


All privileges listed above.

Partial Sixtyone golf course scholarship with unlimited use of practice facilities without Sixtyone staff supervision.

Leadership roles during Academy sessions on-campus and on-course.


Gray hat golfers "Vets"

Level: Comprehension II | Golf development | People like us

Responsibilities and standards

Everything included above.

Supervise practice area maintenance and help newbies. (Sixtyone ambassadors)

Help maintain program equipment.

Demonstrate understanding of the Academy’s Decent, Good, or Great philosophy.

Demonstrate understanding of the Change. Think. Golf. philosophy.

Maintain an average 61 work buckets each month.

Demonstrate golf literacy. (Schedule interview with coach) 

Responsible for all practice area maintenance and supervision for Khaki Hat golfers.


All privileges listed above.

Extended Sixtyone golf course scholarship with expanded access to the golf course. 


Blue hat golfers "OG's"

Level: Golf integration | Complete and independent

Responsibilities and standards

When you are an “OG” (on course Sixtyone golfer) you will know it, and so will everyone else.


All privileges listed above.

Full Sixtyone golf course scholarship (unlimited, unsupervised access to golf course) 

Qualify as supervisors for Gray Hat golfer’s extended course access.

Full access to the Sixtyone Country Club golf integration resources.