What is self-awareness?

Objective and focus

What are you good at doing? What are you not so good at doing?

As Sixtyone golfers, we know that we are not as good as we could be, and we are not as good as we will be. We constantly try to improve ourselves, to get a little better every day. By always working to improve ourselves, we help create positive examples for others around us to do the same.

We start every month with a focus on self-awareness. It is the first step to being Sixtyone, understanding how what we think, feel, say, and do affects us and the people around us.

What you could learn

  • The basics of self-awareness.
  • How self-awareness helps at home, in school, and on the golf course.
  • How being self-aware can help us reflect, manage emotions, consider others, recognize our strengths and weaknesses, and learn to accept criticism.


Our self-awareness practice has five elements that we focus on: self-reflection, managing emotions, strengths and weaknesses, considering others, and accepting criticism.

Watch the video above. Then for more self-awareness knowledge watch this one and this one here. Then think about how self-awareness fits into being a better golfer and be ready to talk about it during our next session.

ATN Effort - 2 buckets

Watch the videos above.

ATN Comprehension - 4 buckets

List in your journal the five elements of self-awareness practice we use to be Sixtyone.

ATN Application - 6 buckets

List in your journal three new words you learned from the videos and describe how you can use them to be a better golfer.

Big questions

  1. What are some things that always make you smile?
  2. Have you ever stopped yourself from making a mistake before you made it?