Watching golf is more fun than you think.

Objective and focus

Watching golf on TV is not like watching football or soccer. Sure, pro golfers do hit some shots that get the crowds excited. But the biggest roars during a golf tournament come based on circumstances.

Most professional golfers play 72 holes over four days. They hit almost 300 shots, and the difference between the winner and 10th place can be as few as three or four shots. Everyone who plays golf knows how easy it is to waste a few shots during one round of golf. A pro golfer who wastes one shot per round for four rounds ends up in 10th place instead of first. People who watch golf know this. That’s what makes golf on TV interesting. No one can afford to waste a single shot.

In this challenge you will learn how to watch golf and improve your game will doing it.

What you could learn

  • Most people don’t really know how to watch golf.
  • You can learn a lot watching golf on TV or on YouTube.
  • Respect for how hard it is to play professional golf.
  • Appreciation for golfers who figure out how to win.


This is what you need to complete this challenge:

  • Visit the LPGA or PGA websites to see what tournaments are active and where you can watch them.
  •  Get a pad and pencil to write down your thoughts.
  • Listen closely to the commentators. They have a lot of golf knowledge.
  • Login to your HQ page to enter your thoughts in your journal.

ATN Effort - 2 buckets

Golf is a mental game. What makes golf interesting to watch is trying to get inside the golfers heads to see what they’re thinking. What strategy and tactics they might be using. Listen to the commentators. Pay attention to the circumstances. Try to understand what obstacles the golfers are facing on each shot. Then see if they pull off the shots.

ATN Comprehension - 4 buckets

  1. Write down any new things you learned watching and listening.
  2. Do you have a favorite golfer? Write down their name and how they did while you watched?

ATN Application - 6 buckets

  1. Describe in your journal any strategies or tactics your saw.
  2. Describe any changes you would’ve made based on the circumstances. What would you have done differently, and why?
  3. Ask a coach if they saw the tournament you watched. Tell them what you thought was cool or lame.