Are you curious about golf?

Objective and focus

“Golf is never finished.”

“Golf can’t be taught; it must be learned.”

There are hundreds of golf quotes available on the interwebs describing how personal golf is. Quite frankly, the personal responsibilities golf requires are often too much for some of us to handle. We don’t like looking at ourselves that closely.

In this challenge you will learn how being curious can help you be a better golfer.

What you could learn

  • Curiosity is a superpower.
  • All learning starts with curiosity.
  • It is better to be curious than scared.


This is what you need to complete this challenge:

  • Watch the challenge video.
  • Get a pad and pencil to write down your thoughts.
  • Login to your HQ page to enter your thoughts in your journal.

ATN Effort - 2 buckets

Why are some clubs longer than others? Why does the ball have dimples? What happens if my ball goes into the water? Why does the ball curve when I hit it? 

  1. Watch the video and start to think about your own curiosity, and what you know and don’t know about golf.

ATN Comprehension - 4 buckets

  1. Write down three things you know about golf.
  2. Write down three things you want to learn next.

ATN Application - 6 buckets

  1. Describe in your journal what you are most curious about in golf.
  2. Find out what others think about curiosity.
  3. Ask a coach about their golf curiosities.