What you do makes a difference

Step-by-step; to progress gradually and carefully from one stage to the next.

It is said that great acts come from small deeds. Many times we look at challenges and are overwhelmed by how big or how difficult they may be. In the starfish story in the above video, the man only sees the entire beach full of starfish. He believes that saving all of the starfish would be almost impossible, so why try? However, the young girl looks at the problem from a different perspective. She sees saving an individual starfish as the goal. Every one she throws back into the water is a win. This way she can stack up wins all day long. She has an unlimited opportunity to find success.

When you set your strategies to accomplish goals or overcome challenges, make sure to plan for and celebrate small victories. When trying to reach a goal, everything you do makes a difference. To develop as golfer, you should focus on improving step-by-step. Pay more attention to the individual starfish and not the entire beach full.

Stack your victories.

And, celebrate!

Change. Think. Golf.

Big question/s

  1. Do you look at challenges and opportunities like the old man or the young girl?
  2. Can you explain how thinking like the young girl can help you develop as a golfer?
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Change. Think. Golf.