The butterfly effect

People like us do things like this

Have you ever heard of the butterfly effect? The butterfly effect says that the world is so interconnected that one small act can have a major impact on the system as a whole. One small butterfly flapping its wing in Brazil could set off a chain of events that eventually create a tornado in Texas. The world is that connected. Little things we do can have big impact sometime in the future without us ever knowing about it.

So, if we are that connected, think about what impact you could have by being Sixtyone. Think about what people like us doing things like this could mean down the line. Think about what impact you, doing 61 things, could have at home or at school or at the golf course or anywhere in the world.

We are all butterflies.



Big question/s

  1. Describe a butterfly effect event you can remember where a small thing had a big impact.
  2. Which 61 thing we do could have the largest impact in the future?
Self-scoring: The butterfly effect

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