Sunday Recap, 01-15-23: Strategy

How big is your mind?


Is your mind as big as your head? Is it as big as your body? Do you know. Have you ever thought about just how big your mind is?

In Chapter 7 of Zen Golf, Dr. Joseph Parent talks about a really cool drill we can do on the golf course. We might even be able to do it at home, but ask your parents first. It’s called the Big Mind Exercise. Use the link above to listen to the chapter. The goal of this exercise is to start seeing golf from a new perspective. Most golfers play golf inside of a box created by their own thinking. We want to learn to play with a big mind.

Remember, this is the end of strategy week. Strategy is a plan. Tactics are the steps we take to make our plans happen. Our strategy (plan) is to play golf with a big mind. One of our tactics to make that happen is to see our putts from a new, outside-the-box perspective.

Listen to Dr. Parent and see if you can use what he says the next time you are at the course (or maybe in the hallway, if your parents will let you).

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