Sunday Recap, 01-08-23: Self-awareness

Happy New Year!


Beware of the dip. All golfers come to a point where they get frustrated. We want to quit. They feel like they are not getting better so they get annoyed and upset. Some even feel like they are getting worse.

They aren’t. They are just in the dip.

The dip is the place every goes ends up. It’s the moment when your expectations outgrow your skills. It happens to all golfers.

The truth is that you are getting better. Every time you practice with purpose you get better. The problem is that none of us can get better faster than we expect. Our expectations always grow faster than our abilities.

This is exactly why we start each month focused on our self-awareness practices: self-reflection, strengths and weaknesses, managing our emotions, consider others and accepting criticism.

As Sixtyone golfers, we embrace the dip.

We know that we are never as good as we could be, and not as good as we are going to be. We do the work. We accept the results (without judgement). We manage our expectations, then we work some more.

Small steps continuously lead to long journeys.

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