ICTM: 09/19/22, Culture week

People like us do things like this.


This is the second week of on campus visits for the SBCUSD Expanded Learning middle school golf program. It is also the third week of the month. The third week’s focus is culture.

Our culture is defined by Being Sixtyone, how we do things. The goals for this week at all school sites are:

  • Get the kids to understand that, when it comes to learning to play golf, they have to be curious. Check out this challenge for context. Our job is to create an element of mystery and eliminate preconceived negative perceptions about playing golf.
  • Additionally, we want to establish how we practice on campus. Get the students to recognize their own value in this process, how important they are to learning to play. 
  • Also, they need to understand the importance of starting from the beginning every time. Every day starts with a sequence, a routine. Every session starts with us getting together, getting ready to learn and discussing the topics. Every swing starts with the setup. We have to prepare for success, put ourselves in a position to succeed. 

Expected outcome

  • Students should understand that golf is special. It’s noble. It’s respectful. Being different is cool. Having honor and integrity is cool. Being able to control your emotions and handle adversity is cool. Being able to hit golf shots is cool. Being Sixtyone is those things. Being Sixtyone is cool.
  • In order to learn these things, they’re going to need to be curious about golf.


  • Learn the swing sequence:
    • First you check your grip.
    • Then you get your space.
    • Hips back and back straight.
    • Swing through and balance.
  • Separate students across the field and get them to swing the club. Start level like a baseball swing and gradually have them move down into golf swing position.
  • The focus should be on swinging the club, getting a feel for the clubhead. Everyone has a different motion and tempo. They should start trying to find theirs.
  • At the end of the session, have the students making smooth even tempo swings (butter swings) at the ball. They should focus on tempo and contact.
  • Their eyes will light up and they’ll be fascinated when the hit a solid shot.


Here’s a link to the ICTM Google calendar

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