SBCUSD High School Golf

Arnold Palmer once said that golf “is the greatest game mankind has ever invented.” Golf is a game of honor and integrity. Golf is played outside, promotes relaxation and better health, helps develop social skills, helps learn to deal with adversity, and it is fun. Mr. Palmer was right.

Golf is also big business.

The high school version of the San Bernardino City Unified School District’s golf program introduces students to the game and helps them develop as young golfers. However, in addition to that, it also focuses on opening the students’ eyes to potential career opportunities available in golf.

Program timeline

Phase #1
Phase #1

Intro to golf

The first weeks of SBCUSD CAPS high school golf will focus on:

  • Encouraging students to try golf.
  • Introducing them to swing basics.
  • Explaining why golf is different than other sports.
  • Increasing golf industry literacy.
Phase #2
Phase #2


The second phase of the program will focus on development. Students will:

  • Learn to develop their golf skills.
  • Develop school pride through competition.
  • Develop an appreciation for how the positive aspects of golf.
  • Develop an understanding for how the golf industry works.
Phase #3
Phase #3


In phase three students will design and plan a golf industry projects (e.g. on-campus training facilities). Students will:

  • Decide on the best training facilities option for their campus.
  • Select the best location and design the layout.
  • Outfit it with appropriate resources and equipment.
  • Create a budget and construction timeline.
Phase #4
Phase #4

ICTM network

The Sixtyone ICTM (Instructors, Caddies, Tutors and Monitors) network supports Academy programs. CAPS high school golf students will have the opportunity to join the network and:

  • Develop leadership skills
  • Become ambassadors for the Change. Think. Golf. message.
  • Participate in special Sixtyone events
  • Earn cash

How to join

  1. Visit the Academy’s parent’s page and sign up your son or daughter.
  2. Students can sign-up through the CAPS program at their school.
  3. SBCUSD parents and students are always welcomed to join us for Sunday Golf. We meet every Sunday afternoon at Shandin Hills Golf Club. Current start time is 3 p.m.