ICTM: Compensation

Instructors, Caddies, Tutors & Monitors

There are a number of perks that come with being a Sixtyone ICTM member and helping people change the way they think about golf.

  • Impact – Seeing a child’s eyes light up after hitting a solid golf shot is special. Likewise, it is equally rewarding to see the look on their faces when they grasp the concept that there are no referees or umpires on the golf course.
  • Golf – Being a member of Sixtyone you have access to our network of golf enthusiasts and the resources they bring to the team.
  • Cash – The process to become a paid ICTM member is straightforward. The more committed you are and the more you know about Sixtyone culture, the more money you can make:
    • Stipends start at $15 per session and go up from their. All ICTM members start on an unpaid trial basis. This trial period could last as little as one or two sessions or take a while. The length is up to the individual, and is based on how committed they are and how quickly they learn. 
    • ICTM members are paid per session instead of per hour. Average sessions last between 45 minutes to an hour.
    • Extended sessions (e.g. road trips and other all-day events) are compensated, once again, according to commitment and responsibility.
  • Community service hours – The ICTM network is a great way for high school and college students to earn credits for community service.

Sixtyone does everything based on the philosophy that everything comes back to golf. Golfers keep their own score. Golfers call penalties on themselves. A golfer is expected to do the right thing whether anyone is watching over them or not. If you put in the work, the right thing to do is make sure that you are compensated in a number of ways.


Why does ICTM exist?

Golf is a special game for a lot of reasons. It is also a dynamic industry with career opportunities in many fields. The reason ICTM exists is to connect more people to golf, especially young people. More why


Instructors, caddies, tutors and monitors are the support network. ICTM are people who share their time, treasure and expertise to help Sixtyone do what it does more effectively. More what

What Will we do day to day?

Commitment and responsibilities very. Each individual is free to determine how much they get involved. There is really no limit on what you could to help Sixtyone change golf. More do

Do ICTM members get paid?

Yes. Though some ICTM members volunteer for various reasons, you can definitely get paid. ICTM compensation is based on your level of commitment and your overall responsibilities. More pay

What Is Golf Course S.O.L.E?

Sixtyone borrows from Sugata Mitra’s SOLE idea, and gives students the tools and support they need to succeed and the space to learn by teaching each other what it means to be a golfer. More SOLE

What is a golf session?

We play sandlot golf. We play golf whenever we can, wherever we can, and however we can. But, all Academy activities lead to the golf course. The golf course is where the magic happens. Schedules change. Locations change. But, here are examples of what we do. More sessions

I don't play golf. Can I be in ICTM?

Without a doubt. As a matter of fact, it can easily be argued that active and effective non-golfers entering into the ICTM network can be more important to beginners than more technical instructors with years of golf experience. More

How do i start?

Click the link below to visit our get started page. You can also come by the golf course and introduce yourself. Use the calendar link at the top of the page for our schedule.  Get started ⇒