Golf Talks ’23: January 11


  1. Parent Clinic
  2. Open discussion
    • How much golf knowledge do you think you have: 0, a little, average, a lot?
    • Do you believe that you know more than half of others connected to golf?
    • Do you think you know less than others?
    • Do you think you could learn about golf via Sixtyone?
    • What would you like to know that you don’t think you can learn through being part of Sixtyone.
    • How many of these names do you recognize: Titleist | Taylormade | PXG | TrackMan | Callaway | Srixon | Ping | Mizuno | GFORE | Ogio?
    • What about these companies:
      relates to Millennials Are Saving Golf by Rebranding It
  3. How can Sixtyone help you know more about golf?
  4. Do you think Sixtyone’s immersion strategy is enough?
  5. Change. Think. Golf.

How to join the talk

  1. Click here to join us on Google Meet if you’re using an internet browser on a laptop or desktop computer.
  2. If you have a Gmail account, you can click here and use Google Chat on your mobile phone.
  3. And, if those options do not work, you can call in to join: +1 727-304-4757 PIN: ‪822 756 261#.

Urban Golf Project: San Bernardino

The Urban Golf Project: San Bernardino is partnership between public, private and charitable organizations from inside and outside of the golf industry who all recognize how the game of golf can help guide young people toward future success.

Please contact Sixtyone if you would like to join the project and help provide the youngsters the resources and access they need to develop into complete young golfers.

Founding members

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