Change the way you think about golf.

Peace out, Bill.

Dope opportunity yesterday to check out some pros do their thing at the lpga_tour jmeaglelachamp at the wilshirecountryclub

Welcome to Sixtyone

Our mission is simple: change the way people think about golf.

Sixtyone, by eliminating barriers and misconceptions, helps translate golf into a language that easy to understand.

The goal is to help one person change. Then with their help, we work to change one more.

Together we use our Change. Think. Golf. philosophy to connect more people to the positive aspects of playing golf—especially young people with limited access to the golf course.

About Us

Golf is often misunderstood. Sixtyone wants everyone to look at the game from a new perspective.


Change your perspective. Golf is not too boring. Golf is not too difficult to learn. And, golf is not for any specific type of person, golf is for everyone. These are all myths.


Think about what you can do. Our country club is not a physical location. It is a way of thinking. If you share our vision, you are welcome to join, whether you play golf or not.


Play more golf! Play golf wherever you can. Play golf whenever you can. Play golf however you can. 

Are you Sixtyone?

When it comes to golf—especially youth golf—there’s a gap between intentions and reality. Think about what you can personally do to close that gap.

Participate. Get involved when you can, where you can, as often as you can.

Support an entire Academy program, or just hit balls on the driving range one time with one student.

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Play more golf!