Sunday Recap, 10-30-22: Fun

As a golfer, I understand that my fun or unfun should not ruin fun for others...


The last week of the month we focus on fun. Again, the Sixtyone Academy code sets the standard. We separate the purpose from the goal. It’s Halloween. So, we’re going to wear our costumes, eat some candy and have fun.

But we’re not going to let our fun ruin fun for others at the course. The best way to do that is to share our fun with the ones who want some.

Golf words and phrases: 

Use this guide and find one new golf word you can use on or around the putting green. Share the new word with a coach and see if they know it.

Big questions: 

Ask yourself the following questions. Write what you think in your HQ journal and share what you think with other Sixtyone members at the golf course. 

  1. Can you explain how it is possible to have too much fun?
  2. What do you think is more fun, having fun by yourself or sharing it with others?
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