For the time being, we're going to make golf happen online.

Riviera CC

Pacific Palisades, CA.

Henry Elementary School

San Bernardino, CA.

CAPS GOLF 2020 - 21

We turned online golf into a game that everyone can play.

The online version of CAPS GOLF is now a game. Now, we all earn buckets and prizes while we work on our weekly themes:

Self-awareness & Personal Development

Strategy & Course Management

Citizenship & Etiquette

Enjoyment & Physical Fitness

As always, our goal is to get a little better each day. We’ll continue to learn to grade our own progress honestly, and make plans for how to manage the challenges we face. We focus on doing the little things to make ourselves better. And most important of all, we try to make sure we enjoy each moment we share with others.

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Enrollment for the first phase of the CAPS GOLF program for this school year is now open.


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About Caps Golf

San Bernardino Community Golf Project

San Bernardino City Unified School District’s Creative Before and After School Programs for Success (CAPS) provides experiences that enhance each student’s academic, social, emotional and physical development. The SBCUSD CAPS GOLF program is a founding partner of the San Bernardino Community Golf Project.