It’s better to be curious than scared.

This is strategy week. As we move into the summer golf season, it's time to be more curious than scared.

The summer break is just around the corner. What are your plans?

Are you going to work on your golf game? If so, what will you do? What’s your strategy?

Remember, at Sixtyone are main strategy is to keep it simple. We do the difficult things while they are easy, and the great big things when they are still small. The most difficult thing in golf is figuring out how to compete against ourselves. The best way to do that is to be curious, without being scared.

We need to constantly question how much we know, and push to learn more. We have to wonder how good we can be, and try to get better. We have to imagine how many putts we can make in a row from three feet, then do it from four. Golf is never finished. How far you can go is limited only by how curious you can be.

Related challenge:

To a look at the curiosity challenge and earn some buckets. You’re going to need them.

Words and phrases:

Use this guide and find as many golf words as you can about how to play.

Big questions:

  1. Are you curious about golf, about anything?
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