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Welcome to the Sixtyone Golf Academy and welcome to The Pursuit. The Pursuit to become a complete and independent golfer. It’s going to be a lot fun, but it will not be easy. Once you have accepted the personal challenge of being a golfer, you’ll be matched up against the toughest possible opponent, yourself.

Unlike most sports golf is an individual game. You have no teammates to correct your errors or pick up your slack. Just like in life, every decision you make on the course counts. In order to get better at anything, you need to put in the work. The amount much work you put into your craft always come to light when it’s time to perform.

On the Pursuit, you will do work and complete challenges to earn buckets and prizes as you advance through your development. Buckets are how we will measure the amount of work you’re putting in. The more work you do, the more you will learn. The more you learn, the more you will know, and the more opportunity you will have to advance to a higher level. Higher levels of golf scholarship or Hat’s come with more responsibilities but even better stuff.

Work Buckets are earned by checking-in, participating in Academy Sessions, and leaving the course better than you found it. Pay attention some work is worth more than others.

Challenge Buckets are earned by completing challenges. Challenges can be completed more than once, unless they can’t. There are 2 types of challenges.

  • ATN Challenges or Above the Neck challenges. These challenges will require you to use your head and think. Many of the obstacles you face on the golf course are in your mind.
  • Skills Challenges. Skills challenges will focus on the physical side golf. They will be designed to improve specific areas of your game.

Also look out for Recipe Challenges like the one you are doing now. They are more complex sets made of multiple challenges and work combinations. They usually cannot be completed quickly, because they have more info to take in and more work to do. 

Here's the recipe...


  1. Complete the Welcome to HQ ATN Challenge.
  2. Complete the Golf Vocabulary ATN Challenge.
  3. Complete the Lao Tzu Philosophy ATN Challenge.
  4. Complete the We live by a Code ATN Challenge.
  5. Log your first 61 work buckets.

Some Other Recipes: