ICTM: 2022-23 SBCUSD Parent Orientation

Let's get this thing started right!

The 2022-23 SBCUSD golf program is off and running. This is going to be a big year. Let’s make sure we do what we do from the beginning. Here are some things we need to make sure we cover today:

  • Make sure everyone feels comfortable. Be friendly. Be engaging. Be facilitators. Get people talking to each other.
  • The goal is change. Everyone (golfers and non-golfers) has preconceived opinions about golf they need to change. Most important, if you don’t play golf, try it. If you do play golf, help connect someone else with the game.
  • Responsibilities equals privileges. The more you do, the more you get.
  • Self-organized learning environment. We give the kids confidence and guidance for how they can teach themselves to become golfers.
  • Through Sixtyone, these kids will have unlimited access to golf. But it’s up to them to do there work and their parents to support them.
  • Golf in San Bernardino is going to be a big thing because of the people in the room.
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