ICTM: 09/18/22, Sunday Recap

We don't do a lot of things, but what we do we do well.


The Leap Frog game, like all Sixtyone drills, can never be mastered. You can always challenge yourself by making the game harder.

This is the Sunday Recap for strategy week. Sixtyone strategy is to do the difficult things while they are easy, and the great things while they are small. We don’t do a lot of things because we can always challenge ourselves by making the simple things more difficult.

Our goal is to get the students to understand that they are in charge of their success. Cutting corners and taking shortcuts only diminishes their own capacity. The more they learn to work on themselves independent of external input, the better things will be.

The goals for this session are:

  • The kids learn how to play the Leap Frog game.
    • Set a start area.
    • Create a scoring zone.
    • Putt as many balls into the scoring zone as possible, with each shot leaping past the previous shot. 
    • You get one point for every shot that leaps the previous shot.
    • Your turn ends when a shot passes out of the back of the scoring zone.
  • They should also learn that they should strive to hit a goal. When the goal gets too easy, they should make the game harder.

Expected outcome

  • Students should understand the connection to the way we do things. Strategy is a plan. Tactics are steps you take to execute that plan. Many people confuse strategy with tactics. Strategy is the playbook. Tactics are the plays.
  • Our strategy is to play golf from the hole backwards, learn to do the little things, the easier things. One of our tactics is to try to master the Leap Frog game


  • Everyone plays Leap Frog today.
  • Set up a larger scoring zone across the top of the practice putting green. Use the orange cones to set up as many start areas as possible (maybe five of six places). They’re only putting so we should be able to have them closer together.
  • Make sure the kids learn to clear the zone. The only ball that matters is the last shot. All previous shots can be removed so there aren’t a million balls in the way.
  • Have high school ICTM members in charge of one or two target areas a piece. They should keep the games moving.
  • Khaki hat golfers and white hat program vets should be in charge of showing the newbies how to play.
  • Let the kids be in control as much as possible, but make sure to keep things orderly.
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